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About Culture@Work

Professional Consultancy

We are a professional consultancy based in La Crosse, WI, specializing in helping organizations develop their core culture strategy in order to achieve next-level outcomes.

Modern Work Space


We teach organizations to create their own unique culture that enables sustainable success.

Our team has proven experience in building cultures that have delivered next-level outcomes (NLOs) for organizations across a diverse set of industries including retail, manufacturing, education, and healthcare.

Why we are different


  • We believe that people are the most valuable asset an organization has

  • We believe in Servant Leadership principles

  • We believe that behaviors drive results

  • We believe that culture enables next-level outcomes (NLOs)

  • We believe culture is the most significant competitive advantage an organization can have


  • Culture cannot be delegated to HR; it is a strategic business objective

  • Leaders must demonstrate behaviors before they can expect from their people

  • Educate the organization first, the individual second

  • Acquire and align the talent to the strategy to accomplish your mission

  • There are a few key pillars that can transform an organization’s culture 

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A community for architects (thought leaders) of workplace culture

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To learn about our services or discuss the challenges your organization is trying to solve, please contact us to see how we can help.


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